The number one asset we have available is our team of agents. They are exceptional at resolving Tier 1 Tickets and providing basic support and troubleshooting using effective assistance techniques, all while maintaining a positive interaction with the end-user. Inquiries are escalated from Tier to Tier to more technically trained reps based on client specifications. System settings allow for intake, deliberation, coordination and final disposition of all inquiries in a pre-formatted fashion to ensure that all relevant information is collected to assist in quick issue resolution. Response times are monitored real time allowing for on-the-fly adjustments as help desk request volume fluctuates.

Outsourcing help desk services enables you to focus on your core competencies. Whether we are the first point of contact for your employees or your customers, our Help Desk team provides the professional and courteous support they deserve with a level of focus often hard to achieve when responses are left to employees with other full time responsibilities.

Our networks are scalable to support virtually limitless simultaneous connections. Tauran’s multi-channel platform is fully integrated with chat, email, online and phone. Our Help Desk platform allows for complete and redundant response channels to accurately respond to any service request through any channel in a timely manner.

Client and Customer Contact Support Services Include:

• Dedicated Toll Free Number access • Personalized Greeting

• Call Routing Only, Top Ten Issues or Full Support

• Internet Based Call Tracking

• Seamless Systems Integration and Full Audit Trail

• Remote Desktop Control Software Assistance

• Virtual Assistant

• Live Chat

• Customized Knowledge Databases

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